Cabin Fever Continued….

Okay. So it’s still winter. I was hoping after the January we had that when I turned the calendar to February there would be robins and bluebirds!
So much for wishful thinking!
(Sigh) Snow is so pretty!……

"Uggg! .....I mean, oooh pretty snow!"  Looking out my back door.

“Uggg! …..I mean, oooh pretty snow!”
Looking out my back door.

On a brighter note we did go to the Market Square gift show over the weekend. I ordered some really nice things for the shoppe! I am into lanterns this year, more floral of course and some interesting things for class projects!
Oh, we are adding a whole new line of gift items geared more towards men.
Some really nice USA-made throws, outdoor and cabin related items too.
And can you believe, Steve is actually donating more of his ‘man cave’ space to showcase the new “manly” gift merchandise!! Really it was even his idea!!

From the Pantry

From the Pantry

Thought you might like to see one of my latest arrangements. I call this one “From the Pantry”. It’s done in a reproduction grain measure with lots of added charm…old wooden spoon, cinnamon sticks, realistic looking rosemary, thyme and mint. A vintage bottle filled with cinnamon, spice tin, and a vintage teacup holding a grungy timer tea light. At the moment it is sitting on my dining room table but will be for sale in the shoppe next month!

That’s all for today….back to work!